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Audi Environmental Foundation supports Nunam:
cells from old laptop batteries become mobile power banks

Audi Environmental Foundation supports Nunam
Audi Environmental Foundation supports Nunam: cells from old laptop batteries become mobile power banks
  • Nunam, a German-Indian start-up, manufactures stationary energy storage systems from discarded batteries and produces power sources for Indian merchants
  • Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation: “Effective cycles are an important lever for conserving resources”
  • Prodip Chatterjee, co-founder of Nunam: “Even a five-year-old laptop can serve as a light source, power a small fan or charge a mobile phone”

The Audi Environmental Foundation is supporting the nonprofit start-up company Nunam of German-Indian founder Prodip Chatterjee. The 29-year-old is working to prevent premature recycling of electronic waste. Nunam buys discarded laptop batteries from scrap dealers in the Indian state of Karnataka and uses their battery cells for stationary energy storage systems. The resulting power banks can supply electricity to items that consume small amounts of power such as smartphones, fans or lamps, and can serve as a power source for people in rural areas of India. Nunam has so far found that old laptop batteries have an average remaining capacity of approximately two thirds.

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